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Most Expensive American Cars Ever Sold

When talking about pricey vehicles in America, we could mention the Tesla S model that could reach 110,000 dollars after installing all options, the high-line Corvette Z06 featured with 100,000 dollars, and the new Ford GT which is available for more than 200,000 dollars. However, despite the hot numbers, these aren’t even near the price…

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A Sneak Peek Of Camry “veiled” 2018 Model

A number of images were transcended lately depicting a heavily concealed prototype of the all-new Toyota Camry 2018. Camry has been on mid-size sedans throne for many years. It has a large popularity between consumers everywhere. The car registered about 429,000 sales last year in the USA to be the best selling passenger car all…

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Next Year Is A Big One For Automotive Industry

In the latter days, major car manufacturers used to apply great deal of improvements and developments on each and every new model, for instance, there is a big variation between 55’ and 56’ Chevy, same also for 65’ and 66’ GTO. But later on, only simple touches of change have been added here and there….

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The Most Dangerous Cars In Automotive History

No doubt the last thing you want to think about is having an accident with your new vehicle you’ve recently bought. Numerous accidents are happening everyday all around the world, they take place for many reasons, could be the road safety, human fault, or malfunction in car manufacturing. Many cars produced over the course of…

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What Is A Network Jamming Vehicle ?

It’s always fun, and annoying also, to view the presidential motorcades running through traffic. A convoy of black massive SUV s and motorcycles to protect a significant figure either a head of state, a minister or an ambassador. They all look the same for all spectators, except this huge SUV that has a series of…

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9 Important Tips For Safe Highway Drive

Are you hitting the road for the next trip? Many people prefer driving their own cars while traveling since it means having more freedom, more space, more privacy, and more domination of the trip aspects. We combined here a number of essential tips for those thinking about traveling during next vacation. They are favorable for…

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How To Protect Your Car From Theft ?

You have spent a lot of money and a lot of effort also to acquire a vehicle, so it’s absolutely sure you don’t want someone to simply take it and go away. There are some simple tips you should consider in order to keep your car away from thieves’ eyes. We thought about combining these…

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Electric Car Hits A New Speed Record

A group of Swiss students unraveled a new electric racing car that is capable of hitting a new speed record for battery-powered vehicles. The car did achieve a new record in car speeds arena. It bolted from zero to 100 kilos per hour in only 1.513 seconds, which is a quarter of a second less…

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Toyota Recalls 1.4 Million Cars Due To AirBag Issue

The Japanese major car manufacturer “Toyota” has recalled about 1.4 million vehicles worldwide of its own production due to some problems with the exploding air bags. Toyota announced that this recall has nothing to do with Takata airbag, but for other issues. The company mentioned also that there has been no deaths or injuries caused…

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